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Humidifier Water Treatments:

Due to the large variety of municipal water and well water systems, it is highly recommended that you use humidifier water treatments to prolong the life and effectiveness of your portable humidifier unit and its replacement filter wicks. RPS Products offers a wide range of solutions that deal with mineral content, odor, and bacterial issues that might arise from everyday usage of your humidifier. If you are not sure what solution to use, please see the information below to understand what solution will best suit your needs.

Treatments for Evaporative type Humidifiers:

Treatments for Ultrasonic Humidifiers:


Vaporizer/Ultrasonic Ultra-Treat Water & Scale Treatment

- Prevents Lime & Scale Build-Up
- Prolongs the Life of the Unit
- Keeps Transducer & Heat Rods Clean
- Helps Prevent White Dust

Cleaner for Evaporative & Ultrasonic Humidifiers:


BestAir Humidifier Humidi-CLEAN – Cleaner & Descaler

- Prolongs the Life of the Humidifier
- Dissolves Calcium, Lime & Rust
- Cleans all Humidifier Parts

How often should I treat the water in my humidifier?

• Every time you refill the tank, you should treat the water.

How often should I clean my humidifier?

• Humidifiers should be cleaned weekly and more so, if you have hard water. If not cleaned, they will not be effective.

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Water Treatments


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