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Humidifier Filters:

What is the difference between a Water Pad and a Humidiwick?

Water Pad:

Humidity is presented into your home’s air in the form of water vapor, which stops minerals from entering the air in your home and possibly into your lungs. Water is supplied to the distribution tray, allowing it to flow evenly across the water pad causing it to evaporate into the heating and cooling system ductwork of your home. RPS Products makes two different types of water pads.

Types of Water Pads:

  • Clay & Metal- the regular filters (ex: A10, A35) are metal with a clay coating that will last approximately one year.

  • Paper- the “W” filters (ex: A10W, A35W) are made of paper and they absorb more water than the clay and metal pad. Since they absorb more water, they put more moisture into the air. It is recommended that these pads be changed twice a season.

➢ It’s the customer’s preference as to how much moisture they want in their home. It is recommended to keep your home at humidity levels in between 30 – 60%. A BestAir hygrometer is the easiest way to monitor the humidity level of your home’s indoor air. Hygrometers can be found here.

Humidiwick Humidifier Filters:

In an evaporative type humidifier system, a fan blows dry air through a Humidiwick filter, which absorbs water from a refillable tank. Cool water from the wick evaporates into the air, increasing the humidity level in the room in which the humidifier is located. The Humidiwick acts as a filter, removing any impurities that the water may have.

What Portable Humidifier Filters Do I Need?

Looking for a filter for your portable humidifier?
Click this link to view the humidifier filter cross reference sheet to find the filter that you need. Click Here

Humidifier Filters
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