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Welcome to BestAir!

Since 1964, RPS Products Inc., also known as BestAir, has been the leader in bringing “Healthier Home Environment” to today’s families. Our dedication to producing high quality humidification wicks, air cleaning filters, vacuum products and many other accessories has never been stronger. All of our products are proudly made in the USA to the highest level of quality which ensures that your indoor air quality will be the BestAir that you and your family can breathe.

Why BestAir?

BestAir manufactures the same high quality filters that either meet, or in most cases, exceed manufacturer’s specifications for replacement filters & humidification wicks. You can be confident that a USA Made, RPS manufactured filter is either equal to, or better in quality than an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) branded product.

Learn how to Calibrate your Hygrometer

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